LPS® PM25 Series 

LPS® PM25 Series

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Protect electronic and electrical equipment against lightning induced surges

The LPS® PM25-240 and PM25-415Y devices are reliable surge protectors designed to protect electronic and electrical equipment. They are ideal for distribution boards of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as main switchboards for homes and office units.

Following extensive R&D, these devices have been created to deploy state-of-the-art engineering technology to protect your equipment effectively even in the most lightning prone regions in the world. 

LPS® PM25-240 and PM25-415Y devices provide 25,000 amps per phase of surge protection with instantaneous response. Thus your equipment is protected from lightning surges caused by direct lightning strikes, electro-magnetic couplings, the switch of power networks as well as from inductive loads. 

Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are used to maximise performance and reliability. LPS® PM25-240  and PM25-415Y devices are specially designed with built-in thermal cut-out fuse to avoid fire hazards when dangerous thermal run-away occurs. 

Both devices are equipped with a LED indicator. LPS® PM25-415Y has additional audible alarm which provides users with  audio monitoring on protection status plus a NO/NC dry contact for remote monitoring on protection and power supply status with user-friendly RJ II connector.

How they work

LPS® PM25-240 and PM25-415Y devices provide unsurpassed performances in lightning surge protection. When a transient surge occurs, the surge protective devices will switch to a fully conductive state to divert high current. They will then reset automatically to a non-conducting state when voltage falls to normal operational value.


  • They protect Distribution Board (DB) receiving energy from Sub-Switchboard (SSB) located in the same building 
  • They provide both common and differential mode protection
  • They are designed with built-in thermal cut-out fuse that assist in avoiding fire hazards when dangerous thermal run-away occurs 
  • They are housed in a fail-safe IP 20 metal enclosures for maximum safety


LPS® PM25 Series  LPS® PM25 Series

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