LPS® AC–25/240

LPS® AC–25/240

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Protects your AC power circuits with working voltages of 240 V against lightning induced surges 

The LPS® AC-25/240 is a compact-size AC power protector with connecting leads. It is also a reliable surge protective device that is ideal for 240 V AC power supply for instrumentation interfaces and equipment such as CCTV cameras, Card Reader Controllers, intercoms, fire alarm systems and weighbridges.

The device protects sensitive data equipment against lightning induced surges without impairing the system’s normal operation or cause excessive in-line resistance. This device is cost-effective and it provides unsurpassed performance in lightning surge protection. 

Following extensive R&D, the LPS® AC-25/240 has been created deploying state-of-the-art engineering technology. This Malaysian-made device is designed with 25,000 amps surge capacity per phase to suit even the most lightning prone regions in the world. 

How it works

When surges occur, the LPS® AC-25/240 device will switch to a fully conductive state and divert current, after which it will reset automatically. However, under excessive surge conditions, the device will short circuit to earth, and the external fuse (if added) will blow and disconnect the circuit, thus securing the protection of the equipment.


  • It protects 240 V AC power supply of sensitive data equipment against lightning induced surges
  • It provides both common and differential mode protection
  • It has a LED indicator which provides user with visual monitoring on protection status
  • It has a built-in thermal cut-out fuse that assist in avoiding fire hazards when dangerous thermal run-away occurs. 
  • It is housed in a fail-safe IP 20 metal enclosure suitable for DIN rail/panel mount


LPS® AC 25/240 LPS® AC 25/240

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