LPS® CP Series

LPS® CP Series

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They protect coaxial communication lines with BNC connectors

The LPS® CP Series devices are reliable surge protective devices designed to protect coaxial communication lines with BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connectors of 75 ohm circuits. Following extensive R&D, these devices were designed with high surge capacity to provide unsurpassed performance in lightning surge protection. 

Under this Series, the LPS® CP–CCTV device is ideal for video signals for CCTV cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recorders). The LPS® CP–CCTV (FF) device has BNC female connectors at both ends, while the LPS® CP–4DVR offers an economical solution which protects 4 DVR channels. 

With state-of-the-art engineering technology, these LPS® CP Series  can protect your equipment effectively even in the most lightning prone regions in the world. They will keep safe sensitive signal networks against lightning induced surges without impairing the system’s normal operations or causing excessive in-line resistances. 


How they work

The LPS® CP Series devices that are manufactured in Malaysia provide a multi-stage hybrid protection. Primary protection starts with GDT (Gas Discharge Tube) which is then supported with a second-stage surge attenuate component, followed by a TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) and finally to a MOV (Metal-oxide Varistors). When surges occur, these devices will switch to a fully conductive state and divert current, after which it will reset automatically. However, under excessive surge conditions, the LPS® CP Series devices will short circuit to earth, securing the protection of the equipment. The impedance of the devices is carefully adjusted by a network to match a 75 ohm circuit to avoid any mismatched reflection of signals (except CP–4DVR). 

For more effective protection, we highly recommend that the LPS® CP Series devices be installed at both ends of the coaxial cable, especially when the connecting equipment is located 30 metres away, in an adjacent building or outdoors.



  • They are multi-stage hybrid protectors 
  • They protect coaxial communication lines with BNC connectors
  • They match network characteristics impedance
  • No interference from different earth potential between cable ends
  • They protect all modes from centre to screen and screen to earth
  • They can be mounted on a standard 19’’ CP Rack for a maximum of up to 12 channels


LPS® CP Series LPS® CP Series

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