Structural / Open Areas LPS

LPS® Structural / open areas

The EI is the advanced Electrically-Isolated Lightning Protection System (LPS) that protects structures and open areas without side-flashing, electrification of structures, touch and transferred potential.

The EI 200 Lightning Air Terminal is the latest advanced electrically-isolated air terminal. It is imbued with an exceptional design that delivers unsurpassed functionality, consistency and long-term reliability. EI 200 Lightning Terminal intercepts lightning discharges and is estimated to withstand high impulse currents of up to 200,000A.

From the EI 200 Lightning Terminal, the lightning current is then discharged to ground safely via a uniquely designed EI 5038 lightning cable without electrification of structure, side-flashing (lightning current flashing to nearby conductive objects), touch potential and transferred potential.

The EI 610 Lightning Strike Counter will keep track of the number of lightning discharges intercepted by the lightning protection system. With an Independent or Isolated Lightning Earth, potential danger posed by the lightning energy from being converted into surges will be greatly minimised.

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