EI Supporting Components

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Other important components that complete the EI Isolated Lightning Protection System

These items include:

The EI 2470 FRP Mast is a cylindrical tube 2.4 metres in length of insulating fiberglass with a wall thickness of 5 mm. This allows a neat in-line mounting of the EI 200 Lightning Air Terminal and the EI 5038 Lightning Cable, passing through the centre of this tube.

The EI 2770 FRP Mast is 2.7 metres in length and has a larger end easily fitted to the 2.4-metre FRP Mast. This makes it very convenient for the Pitch Roof Mounting.

The EI 27146 FRP Mast  is designed specifically to cater for two (2) EI 5038 Lightning Cables connected to one (1) EI 200 Lightning Air Terminal.

The In-Line Adapter allows aligned mounting of the FRP Mast and the Galvanised Iron (GI) Pole. It also provides an opening for the EI 5038 Lightning Cable to be installed on the external GI Pole and holes are provided for wire security.


LPS® EI Structural / Open Areas LPS® EI Structural / Open Areas

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