EI 200 Lightning Air Terminal 

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The latest advanced electrically-isolated air terminal estimated to withstand high impulse currents of up to 200,000 A

LPS® EI 200 Lightning Air TerminalThe EI 200 Lightning Air Terminal is the latest advanced electrically-isolated air terminal. It is imbued with an exceptional design carefully prepared for you by Lightning Protection System Sdn. Bhd. This state-of-the-art device is estimated to withstand high impulse currents of up to 200,000 A although 79 percent of lightnings only carry a current of between 12,000 A to 50,000 A (as noted by AS1768 – 1991).

EI 200 delivers unsurpassed functionality, consistency and long-term reliability. Over the long period of its service life, the system not only extends the protection coverage, but is effective under all conditions, even those experienced in the most adverse climatic environments.


How it works

EI 200 is able to draw its energy for operation from its surrounding atmospheric electric fields. During the approach of the downward leader in the vicinity of the device, a high electric potential difference occurs between the finial and surrounding auxiliary electrodes. This creates photo ionisation discharges between the finial and electrodes, promoting the creation of an upward streamer earlier than a simple Franklin Rod used in conventional systems. 

The avalanche effect launches the upward streamer which ultimately meets with the downward leader. This entire process is governed by the basic laws of physics, thus making it a naturally-automated progression ruled by the magnitude and polarity of the surrounding atmospheric field.

When the upward streamer intercepts the downward leader, the lightning current will be discharged via the EI 200 Lightning Air Terminal thereby protecting the surrounding area. The lightning current is then discharged to earth safely via a uniquely designed EI 5038 Lightning Cable. The EI 200 Lightning Air Terminal together with the shielded EI 5038 cable is cost effective especially for deployment in high rise projects. It is hassle free and has low maintenance.

This system protects both structures as well as eliminates secondary surges to equipment utilised within them. Unnecessary subsequent damages are avoided.

We are also proud to announce that this system uses non-radioactive materials, in harmony and compliance with our environmentally-friendly consciousness on human safety. LPS’s stringent QC system encompasses strict checks at every stage of  production ensuring the highest standards of manufacturing in the finished devices. In 2015, LPS was awarded the National Mark of Malaysian Brand.

In October 2015, EI 200 was tested in a laboratory in France for its performance and superior results were obtained. 


LPS® EI Structural / Open Areas LPS® EI Structural / Open Areas

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