LPS® PoE–8/48

LPS® PoE–8/48

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Protects your transmission of Ethernet signals with 48 V DC power supply circuits against lightning induced surges

PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology is fast gaining popularity because it simultaneously transmits data as well as supply DC power by simply using Ethernet cables (Cat 5e or Cat 6). This convenient method simplifies wiring while saving the overall cabling cost. 

The LPS® PoE–8/48 is specially designed to provide protection for equipment using 8-wire PoE technology.

The LPS® PoE–8/48 complies with IEEE 802.3 bt Standard to protect 4 pairs or 8 wires Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables.


How it work

The LPS® PoE–8/48 provides unsurpassed performances in lightning surge protection. It deploys multi-stage protection with GDT (Gas Discharge Tube) for primary defence and finally to a semiconductor voltage dependant device. 

When a transient surge occurs, the LPS® PoE–8/48 surge protective device will switch to a fully conductive state to divert high current. It will then reset automatically to a non-conducting state when the current falls below the holding current.

For more effective protection, we highly recommend that the LPS® PoE–8/48 be installed at both ends of a cable, especially when the connecting equipment is located 30 metres away, in an adjacent building or outdoors. The cable should not exceed 75 metres for optimal performance. All equipment and SPD earth must be linked to the system’s common earth.



  • It protects Ethernet signals with 48 V DC power supply circuits
  • It has a multi-stage hybrid protection system
  • It provides full mode protection for both common and transverse modes of surges
  • It has a fail-safe metal enclosure


LPS® PoE 8 Series LPS® PoE–8/48

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